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SOC Corporation designs, produces, and distributes a broad range of fuses for various circuit protection from home appliances and industrial equipment to electric vehicles and renewable energy equipment.

As a manufacturer solely dedicated to safety components, SOC has adopted “Always Quality First” as the central principle of its activities.
This principle is upheld by SOC’s personnel, equipment, materials, and methods, each of which is maintained at the highest level.

Fuses serve as the last resort of protection against overcurrent or short-circuit current in an electric or electronic circuit.
Multiple applications of our customers’ products require multiple ways of protection.
Therefore, first, our fuses should satisfy respective protection needs.
Second, our fuses should be reliable for a long time unless and until they open to protect the circuit in the event of overcurrent conditions.

To develop fuses that satisfy both the function of circuit protection devices and long-term reliability, SOC makes every effort to design fuses to reflect customers’ requirements, develop a production system, then produce fuses by placing quality first.

Quality is at the heart of our customers’ trust and satisfaction.
SOC believes quality encompasses product performance as well as cost, delivery, technical service, follow-up service, and environmental considerations.
Driven by this uncompromising belief, SOC delivers highly reliable fuses while maintaining the highest degree of quality.

Under the banner of SOC’s corporate philosophy, “Always Quality First”, and our “Quality Policy” as below, SOC is devoted to placing quality first throughout all aspects of its activities, as attested by its careful attention to detail in new product development, production system development, stringent testing and inspections, procurement of quality materials, and manufacturing processes.
Furthermore, from sales to management, our staff around the world are working every day in unison to ensure products and services of the highest quality.

SOC’s Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to make it our obligation to satisfy customers with our “products,” “quality,” “price,” “service,” and “speed” to deliver products that customers can rely on, and to strive towards our goal of zero defects.

SOC Corporation has acquired the following Quality Management Certifications.

Tochigi Factory Certification Body: DNV Standard: ISO 9001:2015
Certification Body: DNV Standard: IATF 16949:2016 (For Automobiles)
Akita Factory Certification Body: BSI Standard: ISO 9001:2015
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SOC Tochigi Factory
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SOC Akita Factory