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1. SOC Corporation Website: Terms and Conditions

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2. Limitation of Use

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3. Prohibited Conducts

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4. Disclaimers of Warranties

Although every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Website, SOC shall make no representations or warranties that the information on this Website is accurate, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or access to this Website.
The names and specifications or related detail of the products shown in this Website are solely for the purpose of your reference, and do not necessarily include all information. This Website contains certain explanations on relevant certifications or standards. However, please visit the original documentations or relevant standards for more detail by yourself.
The technical information of our products on this Website are for your reference only as they are based on excerpts from relevant technical standards or measurement results at SOC under specific conditions. Therefore, in order to verify if the products of your choice meet your specific requirements, please test these products by yourself with the actual device or equipment in which they will be used. There is a serious risk of injury, fire or damage if our products are used in a manner beyond their specifications, rated current/voltage or terms and conditions of use. Our products provided as samples shall not be used for any purposes other than testing.
All products introduced in this Website are designed and developed for application in general electronics and electric equipment. Therefore, please evaluate the suitability of SOC’s products with more detail and careful attention than you would do with general electronics and electric equipment when using them for applications which require extremely high reliability or for use prone to risk of injury. SOC shall not be responsible for the inappropriate choice or use of our products.
SOC may, without prior notice, change and/or alter the contents of this Website including product specifications or discontinue the production of certain products.


5. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

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