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SOC Product Catalog Update and Expanded Fuse Lineup

At SOC we strive to continuously improve our product lineup and the value we can provide to our customers.
We do this by regularly developing new fuses as well as finding ways to add features and improve the specifications of our existing fuses.

Our latest version of the SOC product catalog, published in the beginning of this year, includes the latest and most up to date specifications for all our electric circuit protection products.
In it, you will also find our new offering.

The φ6.35×24.6 mm size board mount fuse features both DC 550 V and a 35 A current rating.

Critically acclaimed and well received, the 625 fuse series have been performing particularly well in the automotive sector.
Combining an efficient, highly compact design with high voltage and strong breaking capacities, these fuses are exceptionally suited for auxiliary component circuit protection in electric vehicles.

Please click here to download a copy of our latest catalog.