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SOC Received the 10th Consecutive Award for Exceptional Corporate Tax-Filing Performance

In May 2018, Japanese tax authorities awarded SOC the Exceptional Corporate Tax-Filing Award for the tenth consecutive time.
This award is given to companies which are recognized by tax authorities to have excellent business performance and have filed tax accurately for consecutive five years, and are anticipated to do so in the future.
It is customary that the director of the responsible tax office visits the company to hand the award in person.

The number of companies to receive the award ten consecutive times is incredibly low even under the jurisdiction of Shiba Tax Office, which has one of the highest number of companies under its jurisdiction in Japan.

SOC’s main product is fuses, which quality could be proved by its own destruction, namely fusing, to break overcurrent to protect the components in a circuit.
Therefore, our customers purchase our products on the basis of the trust in such quality.
In other words, we are selling a kind of “software” in the name trust from our customers.
For a company selling such software, there should be no room for deceptions and errors in every aspect of corporate activities.
In order to maintain high-level performance, it has enormous importance to continue to be a company deserving this award through proper tax filing and payment.

In 50 years since the first award in 1973, SOC has experienced dramatic changes in its business environment brought about by technological innovation and industrial structure shifts.
Thanks to the concerted efforts of employees inside and outside Japan, as well as the support of customers and shareholders, SOC has never fallen into the red – an achievement we are grateful for and proud of.

SOC is fully aware of the challenges of surviving in a world of increasingly rapid technological innovation and ruthless competition among companies across the globe.
Nevertheless, using this award as source of energy, pride, and confidence, we are determined to continue cultivating new paths and contributing to society.


The 10th Award (2018)
The 10th Award (2018)
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The 1st – 9th Awards (1973 – 2013)