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SOC participated in Maintenance Meetings for IEC 60269 low-voltage fuses in Tokyo

On 16 and 17 October 2019, Maintenance Meetings for IEC 60269 low-voltage fuses (SC 32B MT8, MT9 and PT 60269-7) were held at the JEMA Tokyo office.
Due to Typhoon Hagibis, a few members were unable to attend; however, 16 people from 10 countries, including a member from SOC Japan, were present.
Drafts for the amendments to IEC TR 60269-5 and IEC 60269-6 as well as the new standard, IEC 60269-7, was the primary discussion.
Additionally, a proposal for a new structure for IEC 60269 series was presented by a German expert, which decidedly will be further discussed at the next meeting in Vienna in March 2020.
On 16 October, a welcome dinner was held at a Japanese restaurant where 19 people, including the President of SOC, enjoyed a pleasant evening.
SOC has regularly participated in the WG meetings of IEC SC 32C (Miniature fuses) since 1975, and began attending the MT meeting of IEC SC 32B (Low-voltage fuses) in 2015.