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SOC President Kayoko Arikawa was quoted in Newsweek International

The October 15, 2021 edition of Newsweek International carried a special article, The niche purveyors of Japanese monozukuri, in which SOC Corporation’s President, Ms. Kayoko Arikawa, was quoted.
The article featured the huge role of niche players, guided by the monozukuri craftsmanship philosophy, in retaining Japan’s competitive advantage in recent decades.
SOC Corporation was highlighted as such niche player with the following quotation from Ms. Kayoko Arikawa:
“We are currently putting most of our efforts into EVs.
However, we strive to create a more balanced portfolio by catering to different sectors.
Since our main focus is developing fuses, we aim to deepen and expand our presence in the different sectors.”


The article in “Newsweek International Edition”