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Since its foundation in 1958, SOC has been prioritizing environmental protection and harmonization with its corporate activities.
Throughout the entire process of our business from product development, manufacturing and distribution, we are striving to save the consumption of resources and reduce environmental burdens such as waste materials, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

As part of our efforts to preserve the natural environment, the majority of 300,000 m2 wide site of SOC’s Tochigi Factory is covered with trees, and a portion of this site is dedicated to organic farming.

In SOC’s Akita Factory, a large part of its 66,000 m2 wide site has been afforested to preserve the natural environment.
This activity was widely recognized and highly appreciated by the Government for green space creation.
As a result, the Akita Factory was presented with the International Trade and Industry Minister’s award in October 1998, and the Prime Minister’s award in July 2003.

Today, global environmental problem, climate change, has emerged as the most urgent crisis for all.
Therefore, SOC is accelerating its efforts toward carbon neutrality, for example, by switching over to 100% green electricity in the Tochigi Factory followed by the Akita Factory.

SOC will continue to promote its activities on local and global environment under our “Environmental Vision” and “Environmental Policy” stated below.

SOC’s Environmental Vision

  1. We will not pollute the air.
  2. We will not poison the water.
  3. We will not contaminate the soil.
  4. We will reuse all resources whenever possible.
  5. We will leave behind a clean planet for our children.

SOC’s Environmental Policy

  1. We consider environmental protection and the minimum use of resources from the first stage of our new-product development.
  2. We minimize waste through all our business operations and make the utmost effort to recycle materials.
  3. We ensure that our internal rules abide by all relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Every SOC staff member is committed to discovering new and better solutions through daily studies.
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