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SOC increases the rated breaking capacity for the 1030 series

After receiving customer requests for higher breaking capacity, SOC has re-evaluated the 500VBI1030 and 500VBL1030A fuses.
These fuses are now confirmed to support a breaking capacity up to 2,000 A at a rated voltage of DC 500 V for rated currents of 5 A to 40 A and can now be used in electric vehicles where the short circuit current exceeds 1,000 A.

Even for fuses from the same series, such as the 1030, the designs of the fuse element differ depending on the rated current; which can lead to a change in the breaking capacity performance.
Depending on circumstances, if the circuit voltage is lower than the rated voltage, the current breaking capacity can be increased.

SOC is able to analyze short-circuit protection measures and perform short-circuit tests according to customer specific requirements.
If you are considering using SOC fuses, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone to further discuss these options.

Detailed information on our test equipment can be found here.