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SOC’s Akita Factory Switched to Green Electricity

The Akita Factory of SOC Corporation switched over to 100% green electricity on 11 July.
The electricity is generated by a hydropower station owned by the Akita Prefecture, and distributed by the Tohoku Electric Power as local-production for local-consumption type energy.

This initiative followed that of the Tochigi Factory as part of our efforts to respond to climate change.
The CO2 emissions decreased from the two factories will be an equivalent of some 60 % of the total emissions from the SOC Group including its global offices.

On 11 July, the certificate of green electricity was handed to SOC President, Kayoko Arikawa, from Vice Governor of the Akita Prefecture, Kazumi Saruta, and the Head of Akita Office of the Tohoku Electric Power, Takafumi Ogasawara.
This ceremony also appeared in the Prefectural website with a photo (as below).

As a member of the global community, SOC will continue to make environmental efforts such as achieving carbon neutrality.


Mr. Saruta    Ms. Arikawa    Mr. Ogasawara