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SOC advisor, Tetsuro Aikawa, is inducted into the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame

On November 14, 2023, Tetsuro Aikawa, former president of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and our advisor, was honored by the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame as a “pioneer in the development of mass-produced EVs equipped with lithium-ion batteries.”
As an automotive engineer, he passionately took on the challenge of developing electric vehicles, overcoming numerous difficulties and launching the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle equipped with lithium-ion batteries; while also boosting awareness of EVs, which later paved the way for the worldwide shift to electric vehicles.
This award recognizes his dedicated work.

Mitsubishi Motors i-MiEV (released in July 2009), the world’s first mass-produced EV, was equipped with SOC fuses, and since then, we have expanded our EV fuse products.
Tetsuro Aikawa has been an advisor to SOC since June 2017, and has made significant contributions by providing guidance on product development and productivity improvement.
SOC, which supported the mass production of i-MiEV from the fuse side, is extremely proud and very happy to see him honored.

What is the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame?

The mission of this organization is to praise the achievements of the many people who shaped the destiny of the industry, as well as those responsible for promoting science and motoring culture.

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