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SOC Introduces AEC-Q200 Rev E Qualified Fuses

AEC-Q200 is a standard established by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) for the reliability testing of automotive passive components.
Previously, fuses were not covered under AEC-Q200, however, with the publication of Revision E in 2023, fuses are now included in the standard.
For reliability test details, please see the “EV Fuse and Selection Guide“.
SOC Corporation has a lineup of AEC-Q200 Rev E qualified products that have passed the reliability stress tests outlined in the standard:

Example of AEC-Q200 Rev E Qualified Fuses

These fuses are widely used in circuits for DC/DC converters, OBC, air conditioning compressors, BMS, GPS Navigation System, etc.

Following the above products, we are also testing new and other automotive fuses, which will be added to our AEC-Q200 Rev E lineup.
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